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ROCK N’ ROLL REVIVAL: That is what J. Rushwell’s music is all about. Going back to its roots and heavily influenced by the ’80s/90’s musical movements, this trio brings a powerful sound-based on raw musicianship looking to find that missing piece of the puzzle that is modern music. Originally from Neiva, Colombia, J’s career started by exploring Brit/Indie rock sounds like a songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitar player for his band Red O’clock. The band achieved great success in the local scene and beyond, opening for Foster The People and sharing the stage with bands such as The Drums, Evanescence, LCD Sound System, amongst others.
During these years, J. started to write music with a heavier sound, which eventually turned into an alternative metal project called The South. As their lead vocalist and main songwriter, and after the recording of their first album, “Too Young for War, Too Old To Fight”, this project gained recognition throughout the local scene, leading them to be chosen by Megadeth as the opening act in May of 2014.
After moving to Boston, MA (where he now permanently resides) he began to explore different genres, adding the influence of his new surroundings to his original sound. As a result, his career moved to a more personal and unique sound that is brought to life in the form of a trio- going back to basics providing simple, but deep, songs that would satisfy any guitar enthusiast. His entire discography explores different influences in a bilingual scenario telling stories through well-crafted melodies, rock-inspired riffs, and fluid solos, which for sure will catch your attention.

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